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*Application Deadline and Audition Date for 2021-2022 Internships*

Application deadline and audition dates are TBA

Pay your application registration fee here:
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• Up to 3 winners will be accepted into the internship program for the 2021-2022 season.
• Up to three concerts may be selected by applicants.
• Each concert will see the winner receiving a $100 stipend.
• Total maximum reward for each intern is $300.
Requirements and Eligibility
• A completed online application form.
• Must be of high school age on the date of the audition.
• Internships are open to the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass.
• The winner(s) will perform with the Fox Valley Orchestra on 1-3 concerts.
• The winner(s) must be available for all rehearsals of each concert in which they will participate.
Audition Requirements
• Applicants should perform one movement from a standard concerto for their instrument or a similar work.  Expositions are preferable. Your selection should not exceed ten (10) minutes in length.
• Applicants must perform the noted excerpts for each concert for which they desire to participate.  These excerpts are noted on this page (below).
• Auditions may be performed with piano accompaniment, but this is not required. ***You must provide your own accompanist.***
• Memorization is not required but strongly recommended.
• Auditions are not open to the public or family members.
• Auditions will last 10-15 minutes. Because of time limitations please enter the audition room warmed up and ready to perform. You may be asked to stop or cut to another spot. This does not necessarily reflect your performance.
*Excerpts will be posted here*
*Check back soon for updated links*

Scheduled Rehearsals and Concerts:

Fox Valley Orchestra rehearsal schedule varies, but generally rehearses four times before each performance.
(Sunday, Sunday, Friday, Saturday - evenings from 6:30-9:00pm).

Please do NOT apply for this internship if you know there are conflicts (e.g., school concerts, sporting events, family vacations) with the dates in the internship period(s) for which you indicate you are available.  By signing your application, your school music director and parent/guardian acknowledge that you are able to attend all relevant FVO rehearsals and performances.

Internships are awarded solely on the basis of the applicant’s demonstrated musical abilities, availability for internship, and enrollment in high school.  No consideration is given to any other factor, such as an applicant's gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, or economic circumstances.